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  • Hierarchy Of Courts In Benin

    The Supreme Court
    The Court Of Appeal
    The High Courts
    The Sharia Courts
    The Customary Courts
    The Magistrate Courts
    The District Courts
    The Court Of Appeal

    The Court of Appeal has exclusive Jurisdiction to hear and determine appeals from the high court, High Court of the Capital Territory, State High Courts, Customary Court of Appeal, National Industrial Court, Court-Marshall or other tribunals prescribed by an act of the National Assembly. It's membership consists of the President and justices of the Court of Appeal, among which at least three must be learned in Islamic Law and three in Customary Law.
    Justices, Divisons, Acts and Rules establishing Court of Appeal

    The Constitutional Court

    The Court has jurisdiction over matters relating to the interpretation or enforcement of the Constitution among other duties. It has a President and such numbers of Justices of the constitutional court (at least 20)

    The High Court

    The court has Exclusive Jurisdiction of in civil case and matters relating to revenue of the Government such a taxation, Customs and Excise Duties, Banking, Copyright , Admiralty, Citizenship e.t.c.

    The High Court of The Capital Territory

    It is headed by a chief Judge and such a number of Judges as may be prescribed by law . It has the Same Jurisdiction as the State High Courts



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